a true self
upholding an image
your arms become weak and break
all things you want to be
in broken pieces at your feet
they're better off that way
to be swept up and discarded
only left with the true you
the way it was meant to be
not an image, a physical being
a true self left to be seen
will good intentions rise to the surface?
or will an ugly truth be shown?
a self of want
a self of need
a hunger you can never feed
it grows and grows
you can never calm yourself
you can never calm the fire that burns yourself alive
the inner struggle of self
the struggle of I, mine and me
everyone is their self, yes
but not every self is worth something
are you worth something
am I worth something
am I truly myself


from Embers Still Remain, released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


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