Rain Fest Promo Tape

by Safe and Sound

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3-track promotional tape for Rain Fest. Physical tapes are out of 50.
25 for Rain Fest and 25 online only. Order one here: pushingdaisies.storenvy.com


released April 18, 2013

Recorded on April 16th at the Redroom by Sebastian Stanley and Kevin Hart



all rights reserved


Safe and Sound Tacoma, Washington

"ASHES LIE AND WAIT" out now via New Age Records

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Track Name: Inside Out
I'll fight the undertow by myself even when I know that I can't win
Because I've realized that treading water always comes before learning how to swim
Making myself stronger by fighting the current to rise back up again and again
I've learned from my lessons so let's not pretend that I'm the one who's inside out
Take a look at yourself
You're fucking inside out
Track Name: Cheated
I can't understand what's running through your head
When it makes sense to steal from a friend
Comprehension seems so void to me
When the easy thing is taking what you don't need
I won't let you steal from me
Taking, fucking taking is all you know
Years down the road I hope you have no place to call your home
After everything you put me though I need to let you know
Just exactly how I feel inside
Cheated and left with pain and regret
Given a burden that weighed too much
To carry on my fucking own
Always feeling so alone
Burdens can turn into blessings but I don't believe I am blessed
Cursed and forgotten are words that sit in my chest
I'll pull through and realize that I can make it on my own
But you won't take the credit, yeah you'll never fucking get it
My open arms fall at my side
I won't be cheated time after time
Track Name: Life in a Bottle
I can't remember the last time
We stood together side by side
This thing is tearing us apart
You say you can handle it
But so quickly you're the one to fall
Can you get up on your own at all
My hand is reaching out but we're too far apart
Too far apart
I wish things could be the same but I'm not the one to blame
I'm watching as all your potential just fucking slips away
You love that feeling but it can't fucking love you back
Will you ever understand when enough is enough
Life in a bottle man
Fucking good luck