The Tides

by Safe and Sound



Our debut 7" available for purchase/download at:


released May 2, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Phil Jones at the Dangler
Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Safe and Sound Tacoma, Washington

"ASHES LIE AND WAIT" out now via New Age Records

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Track Name: The Tides
The things I once held close are now floating away with the current
And I don't want to to be swept up with it, I want to stand firm
The waves they push and they pull, they try to bring me down
A lot like the tides we all change with time
But I'll never lose this faith, I'll never turn away from the person I am inside

I want to stand firm
You can't bring me down
I'll never lose this faith
I know who I am inside
You can drift by or you can swim
You can give up or find meaning within

These tides will change
I won't sway
These tides will change
I won't be swept away
Track Name: Only Words
Where do we do when sympathy seems so far away
Understanding is a place you've never been
Abuse is something too many of us have seen
Your running joke isn't funny to me
You're pushing aside pain
In hopes of self gain
How are you not ashamed
To take their lives in vain
A ritual of hate
Something I won't partake
It'll never be too late
We can't just sit and wait
While you deplete their will to try
Cripple their drive
Making them incapable of living life
You leave them with strife
I'm only left with strife
Your words of fire burn through skin
How long before the healing begins
I won't sit and wait
Track Name: X
Keep it clear so you can see it's more than an X to me
Where did the line go that you drew
You've become a person that I can see through
That won't be me
There's no person that I'd rather be
Honest, loyal, saying these words with sincerity
There is no other person that I would rather be
Than myself
Nailed, marked, it's all the same
It's my choice not a game
Track Name: Understanding
You just don't get it...DO YOU!?
Track Name: Drift
I know who I am but where do I belong
Behind this wall is where I've been for so long
Time will progress but it will never heal emptiness
Waiting to be filled and I can't go back, we can't go back
Those days are too much and they've passed away
Unfamiliar with the things I want to be
Lingering thoughts drain my energy
The only caress I know is of restlessness in the unknown
Drowning in my thoughts is how I'll die
I've tried, I've fucking tried
No where to go from here, waiting for it to disappear
Needing a sense of direction
Needing to feel anything
I drift on, I'll drift away
Alone in the unknown
No strength to swim
I drift on, I'll drift away
Track Name: Swim (ft. Aram Arslanian)
Tides change and people change familiar inconsistency
Thrown into the waters of life it's sink or swim
Barely given a change to win

I've found strength, I'm awake

My ability to keep on
The willingness to live
The fight that never dies
The war within myself and I won't give in
Face up to the truth
It's my turn to win

My ability to keep on
The willingness to live
The fight that never dies
The war within myself and I won't give in
The strength within that allows me to swim
I'll swim