Embers Still Remain

by Safe and Sound




released February 16, 2016

Recorded and mixed at The Love Palace by Jason McGhee



all rights reserved


Safe and Sound Tacoma, Washington

"ASHES LIE AND WAIT" out now via New Age Records

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Track Name: A New Age
your fire burned out long ago
and your flame never even left a mark
even if we're gone our embers still remain to spark
again and again and again
the weak, fade away
the strong will remain
I will remain
we will remain
a new era forms
a new age begins right now
Track Name: Self
a true self
upholding an image
your arms become weak and break
all things you want to be
in broken pieces at your feet
they're better off that way
to be swept up and discarded
only left with the true you
the way it was meant to be
not an image, a physical being
a true self left to be seen
will good intentions rise to the surface?
or will an ugly truth be shown?
a self of want
a self of need
a hunger you can never feed
it grows and grows
you can never calm yourself
you can never calm the fire that burns yourself alive
the inner struggle of self
the struggle of I, mine and me
everyone is their self, yes
but not every self is worth something
are you worth something
am I worth something
am I truly myself
Track Name: Before The Dawn (Turning Point)
RIP Skip
Track Name: Dream
in this world
what is our destiny
are we destined to follow a dream forged for us in suffering
sustainment drifts away
as we hold close to our traditions
we are slowly killing ourselves
screams and cries fill the air
animals die, does anyone care?

for generations we have been numb and compassionless
one life can save many
one choice can end so much pain
death before life even begins, death for no reason
against life's cycle of exploitation
against the cruelty of the grain

in this world will we all roam free, NO
as long as man kills animals, man will kill his fellow man
and we are the ones held accountable
humanity pleads for change with blood on it's hands

i burn these traditions and renew this moral law

will we all roam free?
not today...but i can dream...
Track Name: I Refuse
I refuse, I object, I refute
the poison ills of modern life
will not flow through these veins
the violent, oppressive forces
that drain and succumb
numbing intoxicants that grip
the potential of life
my hand is held by consequence
my mind is wrapped in solitude
the light that guides is absolution
a resistance always pushing
were you pushed too far?
broken by the weight of pressure
convictions crumble, i watch them fall
commitment fades, i watch it die
i am never alone in my refusal
i'm never alone in my fight
the arms of the few still hold me
i'm the only one
depression of substance
substance of depression
choices made that bring regret
life that's lost due to neglect
will someone listen to my cries
i hold the flicker
i cradle this feeling
am i the only one
until my last breath
until the next life takes me
straight edge