I refuse, I object, I refute
the poison ills of modern life
will not flow through these veins
the violent, oppressive forces
that drain and succumb
numbing intoxicants that grip
the potential of life
my hand is held by consequence
my mind is wrapped in solitude
the light that guides is absolution
a resistance always pushing
were you pushed too far?
broken by the weight of pressure
convictions crumble, i watch them fall
commitment fades, i watch it die
i am never alone in my refusal
i'm never alone in my fight
the arms of the few still hold me
i'm the only one
depression of substance
substance of depression
choices made that bring regret
life that's lost due to neglect
will someone listen to my cries
i hold the flicker
i cradle this feeling
am i the only one
until my last breath
until the next life takes me
straight edge


from Embers Still Remain, released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Safe and Sound Tacoma, Washington

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