Ashes Lie and Wait

by Safe and Sound




released June 27, 2017

Recorded by Jason Mcghee
Mastered by Neil Engle
Paintings by Meriam Awada
Layout by Dominic Pabon



all rights reserved


Safe and Sound Tacoma, Washington

"ASHES LIE AND WAIT" out now via New Age Records

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Track Name: Flowers
lives are lost and i will be the only one to lay flowers
the only one to shed a tear
the only one to mourn
the lone voice to cry out
something so beautiful has died
a seed drown in vain, a stem cut without shame
no chance for growth, no chance to bloom
i'll lay a flower to your name, you could not live like i do
this is your funeral song
a grave is a grave and i will grieve
why can't you see, eyes averted
lead to compromise
unable to choose a slave to separation
selfish satisfaction
flowers lain for lives taken
by your hand, severed
sever the hand that takes this life
lay flowers, repercussions
to mourn what couldn't be
Track Name: To Burn Apathy
melancholy entraps my being, i long for serenity through absolution, absolve feelings of uncertainty, if you only knew the pain that lies beneath each tear, the turmoil that stirs inside
consciousness lights a solution and as these tears fall, apathy lays it's hands on my world
i weep for an awakening, i weep in constant longing
hands of suffering grip tight as i plea to be let free...
no longer content with self deprivation
i light the way to action
absolve this violence
this fire inside that burns
strike the match of retribution, strike the match...
a spark that illuminates
constitute to burn blood red
light fire in these veins to feel
revenge burns so bright....
revenge for every second i am forced to live this way, for every tear shed, a new awakening rises with these flames....
lay your torch to burn what burns you
strike the match, lay the torch
lay your torch to burn what burns you
ablaze, i burn this apathy
burns so bright